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Puppy (Pre)P

Get ahead of undesirable behavior by learning how to set you and your puppy up for success from the very start. Puppy (PRE)P is an eight-week program that starts before you bring your puppy home and continues to provide support as you adapt to puppy ownership. Puppy (PRE)P will help you avoid obstacles like separation anxiety, nipping, and excessive mouthing by teaching you how to set and keep boundaries with your puppy before your puppy comes home.

This program is currently in development.

investment of $370

What you get:

Focus Topics:

Personalized Training and Management Plan

Work with Elle to develop a training and management plan that will help your puppy successfully transition into their new role as a member of your family.

Puppy (PRE)P Webinars and Puppy Welcome Kit

Access to a weekly Puppy (PRE)P webinar on one of our focus topics and a Puppy Welcome Starter Kit including the original Puppy Culture DVD On-Demand, an Operation Socialization Puppy Passport, and more.

In-person Learning Opportunities

One private training session to use when your puppy comes home and invitations to opportunities to learn and practice your puppy training skills at Puppy (PRE)P exclusive training hours.

Support from your Peers

Learn in the company of your Puppy (PRE)P peers. Participate in our weekly online social and problem-solve together with Elle. 

Dog House
Pre-pup Set-Up

How to set up your house to help your puppy successfully transition into their new role as a member of your family.

Rescue Puppy
Beyond The Cute

Setting realistic expectations for puppy ownership and normalizing puppy behavior. 

Click to Success

What is clicker training, how it works, and why it's great!

dog running with toy

Teaching your puppy the joys of independence so you can keep yours.

Boy with Dog
Nipping It in the Bud

How to handle and redirect excessive nipping and mouthiness.

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