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Monday - Friday

onsite in Puyallup

Realizing your puppy is a full-time job? Raising that confident dream dog that you can hike with or take to the farmer's market requires socializing your puppy and teaching them how to safely interact with their world. However, with the demands of work and life sometimes you can't make the time investment necessary to give your puppy that solid foundation. Puppy Day Camp at Poi Dog's is here to help. 

Limited to three puppies a week, Puppy Day Camp is a hybrid of daycare and school. We provide a fun and safe place for your puppy to socialize with other dogs and engage with their world.  Puppy camp includes early exposure to training through passive and active learning. We work on fostering an enthusiasm to learn to make training fun for puppies and humans in the future. 

Each Puppy will experience:

  • exposure to new stimuli like people, dogs, sounds, and textures. 

  • introductions to dream behaviors like sit, down, place/mat, leave it, look at me, with me/loose leash walking, touch, and recall.

  • an introduction to cooperative care and handling.

  • potty training.

  • opportunities to socialize with other puppies and/or puppy-friendly adult dogs.

  • puppy "safari's" in our puppy stroller.

  • Naps (a lot of naps!)

Puppy day camp is designed for puppies 18 weeks old or less.  Drop-off is at 7 AM and pick-up by 4 PM. Puppies must have their first distemper/parvo vaccination at least 7 days prior to their start date. Email vaccination records to

Day Camp Rates:

Per Week: $250

Training Modules

Puppy Prodigy:

The Fun-damentals

Everyday Manners

Growly to great

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