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Board and Train Program

North Puyallup

Overwhelmed by your dog? Hit the reset button by enrolling in our board and train program. Let us train and care for your dog while you take a break. Dogs who participate in our board and train program benefit from training in a real home setting at our Puyallup location. Dogs learn throughout the day through a combination of active training during private sessions and passive training during play and relaxation time.  

Board and train amenities include:

  • kennel free boarding in a home setting

  • group play for non-reactive dogs

  • private eating quarters

  • access to our fenced yard

  • canine enrichment through puzzles, toys, and games

  • bully sticks and chews during your dogs stay

  • tons of love treats and belly rubs

Board and Train+ packages include at least one private 1-on-1 session with you and your dog to help your dog transition back into your home and to teach you how to apply your dog's new skills. Dog's staying more than one week are welcome to go home on the weekends. 

A private boarding consultation is required prior to enrolling in our board and train program. At your consultation, Elle will develop a personalized training plan and board and train package for you. The consultation is an in-home service. In-home services are subject to any parking fees if free parking is not available. Residences outside of West Seattle, White Center, Burien, and Puyallup may be subject to additional travel fees. 

Consultation (45 min):

In-home: $60

Board and Train Packages:

Board+ and Train:

More playing less training. Perfect for dogs or puppy parents going on a trip who are looking for accommodations for their pup that will reinforce and maintain current training.


 Parents of puppies who are between the ages of 8-18 weeks old and cannot be left alone for more than 3 hours may be required to enroll their puppy in Puppy Training Camp at Dog's Day Out in Burien. Please visit Dog's Day Out and check if your puppy's stay coincides with one of their scheduled puppy camps. Puppies who are concurrently enrolled in Puppy Training Camp during their Board+ and Train will receive a discount on their board and train rate.

$75/24 hr period

Board and Train+:

Best for those with dogs over 18 weeks of age looking to modify behavior, shape new reliable behavior or make current behavior more reliable. Elle will focus on actively training one behavior at a time giving your dog ample opportunity to learn each behavior fluently. Dogs enrolled in Board and Train+ will have opportunities to practice their skills out in the real world during daily excursions. Board and Train must include a private training package where dog guardians are present to help dogs transfer their new skills back into their home environment. 


Must be booked a month in advance.

Starting at $1600 for a 2-week minimum

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