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About Us

We are a dog training service serving the communities of West Seattle and White Center. We believe your time with your dog should feel more like a vacation and less like work. If unwanted behaviors by your dog are creating trouble in paradise, contact us!

Our Mission

To foster positive relationships between humans and their canine companions through positive training techniques, canine enrichment, and a little aloha spirit.

Whom We Help

The Poi Dog's 'ohana is made up of hardworking families & individuals who believe that any dog can be a dream dog with a relationship founded on compassion and mutual respect. Our dogs are our family members, companions, and partners. We recognize dogs provide us with love and loyalty beyond compare, and in return, we strive to provide our dogs with everything they need to thrive and be happy.

The Poi Dog's Approach

At Poi Dog's we strive to embody the spirit of Aloha in our training. This means we treat our clients and their dogs with love, respect, and compassion. Clicker training is a method of training that encourages desirable behavior using positive reinforcement paired with a distinct and audible event marker or "click." The event marker or "click" allows us to effectively communicate what behaviors we want our dogs to learn. When we pair the clicker with small achievable steps, we set our dogs up for success from start to finish. With this method of "errorless" learning your dog learns that training is fun and listening to you is rewarding. We choose to clicker train because emphasizes mutual respect between all participants and practices teaching through compassion. We also choose Clicker Training because it is science-based and effective. At Poi Dog's dogs don't have to listen to you, they want to listen to you. Click your way to the dog of your dreams and schedule a consult today.

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Our Team

Meet Your Trainer

Janelle "Elle" Dy

Certified Trainer


Trained and certified by Karen Pryor Academy, Elle utilizes clicker training to help people and their canine companions live their best lives. Prior to becoming a trainer, Elle worked as a professional pet sitter caring for dogs and cats all over West Seattle.

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